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Vision2 and Christian Stewardship Network continued the research initiated in 2022 and once again surveyed churches of all sizes and denominations. Their goal continues to be finding new ways to help the church grow greater generosity and financial discipleship. 

The data shows that the challenge of ongoing economic uncertainty, the decline in overall giving and giving to churches, and the slow, post-pandemic return to church have shifted how churches approach stewardship and generosity.

Analysis of the data and gathering additional insights have been completed and the findings are shared in the final report. The report also offers actionable insights for building a strong culture of generosity and stewardship in your church.   

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A Few Key Survey Insights

Data presented for churches

Under 1,000 average weekly attendance and 1,000 and over weekly attendance.


Across both groups, increasing stewardship education/discipleship is their top 12-month stewardship goal.

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Just over half of smaller churches don't have a curriculum, with the number dropping to 26% for larger churches.

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Large churches with no curriculum


35% of smaller churches and 21% of larger churches don't have a strategy to minister non-givers.

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Podcast SoundBytes

In Christian Stewardship Network's podcast, Stewardship Leader, the final survey results are reviewed with actionable recommendations on building a strong culture of generosity and stewardship.

We have excerpted the podcast into short, topic-specific "soundbytes" you can access here:

 SoundByte #1: Current Generosity Trends


Stay tuned for more SoundBytes coming soon!

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Access the Final Report and Full Podcast

Simply fill out the form to access the final report and podcast covering the final results and key findings.

BONUS: You will also have access to a Resource Library of materials addressing FAQs received from survey and webinar participants.  Be sure to check back for updates throughout the coming year!

2023 Annual Report on Stewardship Final Report

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