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Today's giver expects fast, seamless digital experiences.

Native mobile apps can fall short of those expectations, leading to lost giving opportunities.

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Give2 is a progressive web app that offers a better mobile experience for churches, nonprofits and their givers.



Easily set up, no developers or IT staff required.

Works on any mobile device.

Empowers givers with access to their profile, giving history, statements, and more!

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Launch and update on your timeline. No applications to app stores required.

Faster load times reduce the potential for gift abandonment.

Gift submission is completed in a few simple steps. 

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Compelling media-rich designations and personalized acknowledgments convey impact.

An intuitive user experience with the customized look and voice of your church. 

Give2 is invisible to your givers; they only experience your brand.

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Progressive Web App Examples

If you have visited the mobile sites for the following companies, you have experienced a progressive web app.

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Progressive web apps are efficient to implement and maintain, making them a great solution for churches and nonprofits.

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